New Delhi: Days after veteran Congress leader Salman Khurshid created an uproar by saying that the party was not able to introspect as its leader had walked away after the poll debacle, he pitched for the comeback of Rahul Gandhi as the party president.

In a recent Facebook post, Mr Khurshid referred to the uproar over his remarks, saying, “I am amazed at being lectured by people who know little about personal faithfulness or political strategy. So once for all I hereby let them know that I believe faith and allegiance is (sic) about trust and personal choice. Yet for grown ups it has no place for unqualified awe and deference, real or contrived.”

“I support the Gandhi family because of personal gratitude and understanding of history and Indian democracy,” he said.

Strategic silence is sensible in critical moments but equally speaking up is an imperative for collective future, Mr Khurshid said in what he termed as his letter to his colleagues in the Congress and “people who are listening”.

The Congress had seemingly disapproved Mr Khurshid’s “walked away” remarks. Party spokesperson Pawan Khera said people should avoid making such comments and work towards exposing the BJP government’s follies instead. Following Khurshid’s statement, Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia, too, said the party needs self-introspection

“Only dead fish flow with the water. Our Congress is not like the BJP and must never be. When our spokesperson points to our duty to counter the BJP he must remember it is possible only if we can manifest our different world view and expression of a mind without fear. The battle we join is not mere screaming ossified phrases against the RSS but in how we react to specific situations, including of conflict. We must prepare for a grand war to save the legacy of the Mahatma, not petty skirmishes of transitory populism. Finally, our opponents and media can eat their hearts out but I do believe that Rahul Gandhi is our leader, he should return as President of our grand party that Soniaji will continue to inspire,” Khurshid wrote in his FB post.