The elections in Bihar have always been interesting and eye catching for the entire nation. Comments and controversies have been a part of it and when it comes to Lalu Prasad Yadav, he has been an icon. We are talking about the previous tenure of Rashtriya Janta Dal tenure, when Rabri Devi was the Chief Minister and Lalu Prasad Yadav was the trying to get himself out from a court case. The ‘Jungle Raaj’ during that period was widely known.

What we are talking about in the video is an incident when the convoy of ex-Chief Minister of Bihar was stopped by police official for checking and both the senior ministers created a ruckus at midnight. They were seen abusing the sub-divisional magistrate of Sonapur in Chatra district. Not only they blamed him for the ‘inconvenience’ caused, but they also threatened him of dire consequences. (Also Read: If Lalu, Nitish come to power, they will force Hindus to eat cow meat: BJP MP Giriraj Singh)

On one side Rabri alleged that she was insulted by police officials and was checked physically during a night patrolling at the check post without her consent. She is also seen alleging that the officials are misbehaving with her and said that she was checked by male police officials. Lalu on the other hand, continuously abused the senior bureaucrats, including Superintendent of Police, and asked for the written reply. Whats shocking the duo — Lalu and Rabri — had also threatened the officials to teach them a lesson, even after knowing that the orders were given from the Election Commission of India.

As only a week is left for the 2015 Bihar Assembly elections and with these videos image of Lalu Prasad and Rashtriya Janata Dal, who are already facing serious backfiring for their political comments on beef ban and cow slaughter, is surely to dampen further.