New Delhi: After facing flak from the Indian community in Britain and New Delhi, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on Thursday slackened the stand of his party’s resolution on Jammu and Kashmir, saying that “some of its language could have been misinterpreted.”

According to Hindustan Times report, in a letter to the Labour Friends of India, Corbyn said that, “The emergency motion on Kashmir came through as part of the democratic process of the Labour party conference.”

“However, there is a recognition that some of the language used within it could be misinterpreted as hostile to India and the Indian Diaspora. Labour understands the concerns the Indian community in Britain has about the situation in Kashmir and takes these concerns very seriously,” he added.

Softening the stance, Corbyn further said that upholding human rights of all citizens of Kashmir remains a priority for the party, adding “we should not allow the politics of the sub-continent to divide communities here in Britain”.

This comes after Corbyn met the Congress’s UK unit to discuss the Jammu and Kashmir issue. In a tweet, he had called for a “de-escalation and an end to the cycle of violence and fear which has plagued the region for so long.”

The BJP had yesterday slammed the Congress for taking up the issue to UK’s Labour Party with the official MEA statement standing against Labour party’s reaction to Article 370 move.

“The party owes an explanation to the people of India as to why its leaders are meeting foreign leaders, discussing the Kashmir issue. India will give a befitting reply for these shameful shenanigans, the BJP tweeted.

The Congress, however, said that the meeting was not authorised by the party.