New Delhi: At least 11,000 litres of milk, desi ghee and curd were poured in the foundation pit of Rajasthan’s Devnarayan temple. The temple is to be constructed in Ratlai region of Jhalawar district of the state. Also Read - Bizarre Health Trend: Bodybuilders Drinking Breastmilk to Achieve a Better Sculpted Body

According to a Hindustan Times report, a spokesperson of the temple construction committee Ramlal Gujjar said, “We collected 11,000 litres of milk, desi ghee and curd from the Gujjar community members and even others for the foundation ceremony of the Devnarayan temple as a mark of reverence for deity Lord Devnarayan.” Also Read - This Maharashtra Village Doesn't Sell Milk, But Distributes it for Free of Cost; Know Why

Out of the 11000 litres, there was 1500 litre of curd and 1 quintal of desi ghee while rest was milk and its total cost was nearly Rs 1.50 lakh, he added. Also Read - Olympian Katie Ledecky Swims Across Pool With Glass of Milk Balanced on Her Head | Watch Viral Video

We had appealed to the Gujjar community members a day before the ceremony and the people gave generously, he said.

Speaking about if it is a mandatory tradition of the Gujjar community to pour milk for such ceremonies, Ramlal said that it is not compulsory but it has been done a few times in the past as well. He maintained it was nothing in comparison to what lord gives us.

Ramlal said, “It is not at all a waste as in Gujjar community we pour some milk on deity Devnarayan as it protects our cattle.”

We owe everything to the lord so we donated milk products to him for the foundation ceremony, he added.

The temple devoted to Gujjar community is being built at a cost of Rs 1 crore and likely to be ready in next two years.