Islamabad: Shifting the blame for the deteriorating Indo-Pak relations, the Foreign Minister of the neighbouring country, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, has said that it was the policies of the BJP that came in the way. “Due to the policies of the BJP, Indo-Pak negotiations haven’t been taking place,” he said outside the Senate while talking to media on Monday. (Also read: Qureshi Urges UN Chief to Intervene in Resolving Kashmir Issue)

While there have been reports that Pakistan approached the US for mediation which the latter rejected, Qureshi said, “They (India) always oppose a third-party intervention as well. There haven’t been any talks since 2015 and India is shying away from it.” He also went on to add that his country’s efforts were appreciated at an international forum like SAARC. “Everybody during the SAARC ministerial meet appreciated Pakistan’s efforts to talk to India,” he said.

Recently, Qureshi had also shared now the US rejected the idea to play the mediator in initiating talks with India. “When we asked the US, to play facilitating role…Why do we ask? Simply because we are not engaging bilaterally…now, can you (US) facilitate (the talks)? The answer from them is no. They wanted bilaterally. But there is no bilateral movement,” Qureshi said, a day after he had meetings with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton, during which he raised the issue.

Qureshi has also maintained that the US should not view its relations with the country only through the perspective of the ties with India or the Afghan issue. He also said it would be wrong to expect that all differences between the US and Pakistan could be resolved in one day, the Dawn had reported earlier.

“It will not be appropriate to view our (US-Pak) relations going as far back as seven decades from the Afghan perspective or the Indian lens,” he told reporters in Multan after returning from his 10-day visit to the US. The foreign minister said he had tried to make his American counterparts realise this.

Qureshi, who had met US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton in Washington, said the Foreign Office will continue its efforts to represent Pakistan effectively on international fora. (With Agency Inputs)