Jammu, Dec 11: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh addressed a ‘Shahid Diwas’ programme in Jammu on Sunday. Rajnath lashed out at Pakistan, accusing it of using terrorism as a foreign policy. “Pakistan should understand that terrorism is the weapon of cowards,” he said. He also warned Pakistan of attempting to create conflict in India. Describing Indian Muslims as patriots, Rajnath said that India cannot get divided on religion anymore. On the other hand, Rajnath opined that “Pakistan will split on its own, without India meddling in its affairs”.Also Read - Unofficial 2nd Test Between India A and South Africa A Ends in Draw

“Whenever our borders are being attacked, whenever some challenges our integrity as a nation, everyone Indian gets enraged. “Whether its Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, everyone stands united when our borders are attacked,” Rajnath said. Also Read - Soldier Found Dead Inside Army Camp in Srinagar

ISIS will find no foothold in India Also Read - Dignified Exit For Ishant Sharma? Minor Hamstring Strain Paves Way For Ajinkya Rahane's Selection in Rainbow Nation

Rajnath Singh reiterated that India is a victim of terrorism, but he also added that extremist cults like the Islamic State (ISIS) will find no major support from the community of Indian Muslims. “ISIS will find no place in India, they will find no foothold,” Rajnath said, further adding that Muslims have an equally nationalist mindset and they will guard the nation against its enemies. According to TOI report, nearly 40 Muslims in India have been arrested since mid-2014 for allegedly supporting ISIS. The numbers are, however, miniscule, considering the fact that 16 per cent of India’s 1.25 billion population is constituted by Muslims. On the other hand, 6,000 ISIS recruits hail from a smaller country like Libya.

‘Kashmir is our own, we feel the pain tremendously’

“Kashmir is our own. Without Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, India is incomplete. We feel the tremendously about whatever happens in Kashmir. We feel the pain of the youth. Whatever happened, it pains us. We will not let anyone cast an evil eye on Kashmir. Kashmiris are our own people. If Kashmir or Jammu or Ladakh doesn’t develop, doesn’t break the shackles of poverty, we cannot claim to be developed as a nation.”