New Delhi: Two days after Pakistan raised the Kashmir issue with US President Donald Trump in Davos on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar on Thursday said that the neighbouring country’s repeated attempt to create alarmist situation in Kashmir has failed and the global community understands its double standards. Also Read - Pakistan Has 'Limited Options' to Respond to India's Move on Kashmir: US Congressional Report

Talking about Trump’s repeated offer to intervene in the Kashmir issue, the MEA spokesperson stated that the matter is bilateral in nature and does not need third-party mediation. Also Read - ‘Kashmir Issue Bilateral in Nature,’ India Again Rejects Trump’s Repeated Mediation Offer

He also stated that the Kashmir issue has to be resolved bilaterally if Pakistan creates an environment for engagement.

“No role for any third party in Kashmir issue. It has to be resolved bilaterally with Pakistan and onus is on Islamabad to create environment for engagement,” Raveesh Kumar stated.

Addressing a press conference, he stated that India’s position on Kashmir issue is clear. “Our position has been clear and consistent on Kashmir; it is bilateral issue between India and Pakistan,” he added.

The statement from the MEA came after Trump on Tuesday said the White house was watching the developments between India and Pakistan in relation to Kashmir ‘very closely’ and once more offered his mediation to resolve the issue.

“We are going to be talking about trade and many other things. But trade is going to be of very, very paramount importance. And we are doing more trade as it turns. We are working together on some borders and we are talking about Kashmir and the relation to what is going on with Pakistan and India. If we can help, we certainly will be helping. And we have been watching that and following it very, very closely,” Trump had said.

Notably, this is the fourth time that the US President has offered to mediate on the Kashmir issue in the last six months.