New Delhi: In what caused panic among the authorities, over 40 people came in contact with the man suffering from Coronavirus infection in Tripura’s Agartala after his family organised a ‘shradh’ ritual for his dad. Accordimg to a report by The Times of India, the family flouted all the rules and COVID guidelines. Also Read - Delta Variant 'Greatest Threat' to US' COVID-19 Efforts: Dr Fauci

The man who works in the Assam Rifles had come home last week. He was eventually tested for Coronavirus. Authorities had permitted him to stay at home under quarantine. Also Read - THIS Company Has Shut Offices Worldwide to Give Its 700 'Burnt-Out' Staff One Week's Paid Break

However, the man did not follow the instructions and organised a ritual at his home, according to the report. In further negligence on his part, he didn’t even inform the invited relatives of his illness. Also Read - Why Wearing a Mask Can Trigger Social Anxiety?

On Monday, police raided his house and took him to a COVID care centre. The guests have neen moved to a quarantine facility.

Meanwhile, the north-eastern state has registered a total of 3,469 Coronavirus cases, with the death toll climbing to 9.