New Delhi: If you are charged Rs 11 for a cup of tea instead of Rs 10, chances are you won’t mind. And that’s exactly why the Tea and Coffee Association of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region has asked its members to increase the price of a cup by Rs 1 or Rs 2. You will feel the pinch depending on how much cups of tea you buy in a day. Though the discussion is now only confined to Mumbai, it is only a matter of time for other places to catch up as milk prices have gone up.

Both Amul and Mother Dairy — the dairy majors — have increased milk prices owing to shortage of production because of adverse climatic conditions. Mumbai is one of the places where the increased milk price is in effect, apart from Gujarat, Delhi-NCR, West Bengal etc.

Now, onion is already off the plate with one kilogram of onion touching the price of Rs 200. Exports are on which have eased the situation to some extent. Amul has increased its prices by Rs 2 per litre and Mother dairy has hiked by Rs 3 per litre.

Biscuit makest Parle and Britannia may also hike biscuit prices by 3 per cent to 6 pet cent by the last quarter (January to March). In the middle of this year, Parle G had to lay off employees because of the losses it faced owing to decreased demand. So basically, come the new year and India’s favourite breakfast of biscuits dipped in a steaming cup of the tea will become costlier.