New Delhi, December 1: The Winter Session of the Parliament witnessed clashes and repeated adjournments in both the Houses as it took up the debate on ‘intolerance’ with the opposition targeting the government and triggering a storm after a CPI(M) member Mohd Salim attributed ‘Hindu Ruler’ comments to Home Minister Rajnath Singh who denied it. After the controversy over the alleged statement of Rajnath Singh which was published in Outlook magazine, the magazine admitted its mistake and apologised.

Citing the Outlook magazine, Mohd Salim said in Lok Sabha that Rajnath Singh had made the ‘Hindu Ruler’ remark after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister at an internal meeting of RSS. Rajnath Singh vehemently denied it and said he was never hurt so much in his Parliamentary career as he was today.

“Mohd Salim levelled a serious allegation against me. He should say when and where I made such a statement or apologise …. A Home Minister who makes such a statement has no moral right to be the Home Minister. I speak after weighing every word… People know Rajnath Singh can never make such a statement,” Singh said. (ALSO READ: Intolerance in Lok Sabha: House adjourned over Mohd Salim’s remark against Rajnath Singh)


Outlook magazine on Monday night admitted to have “erronously” attributed to Home Minister Rajnath Singh Hindu ruler remark which created a storm in Lok Sabha. In a statement uploaded in the weekly’s twitter handle @Outlookindia, the magazine said that in a Lok Sabha debate earlier today, CPI-M MP Mohammad Salim referred to a story publish by it in its November 16 issue.

“In this story, a remark made by late Ashok Singhal of Vishwa Hindu Parishad was erronously attributed to Home Minister Rajnath Singh. Outlook deeply regrets the lack of diligence in verifying the source of the statement. “It was not our intention to denigrate the Home Minister or Parliament. Outlook sincerely regrets the embarrassment caused to Mr Rajnath Singh and Mr Mohammad Salim. The online version of the said article has been corrected to put the facts on record,” the statement of the weekly said.