Mumbai, October 16: In a rare judgement a Solpaur civil court has ordered a 47-year-old working woman to pay maintenance for her 38-year-old unemployed home maker husband. The court judge P.V. Patil pronounced the judgement ordering the woman, who is a school principal, to pay a monthly maintenance of Rs. 2,000 to her estranged husband, whom she has thrown out after a minor altercation. Not happy with the judgement, the woman has declared that she was appeal in the High Court against the Solapur court’s judgement. The woman claimed that she was in fact the victim of her husband’s falsehoods and hence, the judgement was unfair.

According to a report in the Deccan Chronicle, the case involves Anil and Sarita (names changed), who have been in a tumultuous marriage since 2044. Anil is a resident of Solapur and Sarita is a resident of Satara. The two met at a mass marriage event and tied the knot at Dhanamma temple in Guddapur village. While Sarita is well-educated and is the principal of a school, Anil has been unemployed since before his marriage to Sarita. Anil told the court that Sarita had married him with the full knowledge of his condition that he will be a stay-at-home husband after their marriage and will stay at her home in Solapur. However, he said that the couple split in 2014.

Sarita had allegedly thrown Anil out of her house, after he had broken some kitchen utensils. Without a job and a steady source of income, Anil was left to live on the streets and fend for himself. Aggrieved by the state of affairs, Anil had approached the Solapur Civil Court seeking redressal. He sought maintenance from Sarita, demanding that he be allowed to stay at her home in Solapur. The court ruled in his favour, ordering Sarita to pay her husband a monthly maintenance sum of Rs. 2,000 and also accommodate him in her house, until the divorce gets processed. The court said that Sarita was bound to give him the money, since she had married him with full knowledge about his unemployment. However, Sarita has another story altogether to tell. ALSO READ: Javed Akhtar condemns All India Muslim Personal Law Board for justifying instant divorce system

The woman has refuted all of her husband’s allegations, saying, “My husband’s allegation that I asked him to become a homemaker is false. The fact is that he is the one who had been mentally and physically torturing me since long. In 2014, he beat me so much on Diwali that I had to be admitted in a hospital and received stitches on my head.” The case contrasts the current mood of the nation as Muslim personal law boards and the Center spar over a Uniform Civil Code, which will ensure greater security for women from the minority community, which still follows the institution of oral talaq. While the government struggles to build a consensus on the issue, Muslim leaders are vehemently opposed to idea of the judiciary meddling in the affairs of the community.