New Delhi: Union Minister Ramdas Athawale on Friday said several reports say that people in PoK are not happy and they want to be part of India.

“People of that place (PoK) want to get included in India as they know that Imran Khan has done nothing. India has taken a revolutionary step by abrogating Article 370, with this Jammu and Kashmir has been connected to India once again, I feel that in the coming five years massive developments will take place there,” the minister was quoted as saying by ANI.

The minister went on to say that Pakistan PM Khan should hand over the portion of PoK to India, which it has occupied illegally if it wanted to hold talks with India.

“If Pakistan PM Imran Khan wants to talk with us then the part of Kashmir which is in their possession should be handed over to India. They have no right on Kashmir and have captured it illegally,” Athawale added.

The minister further said if Pakistan hands over PoK to India, we will set up many industries there.

“We will also help Pakistan in trade and help fight poverty and unemployment,” the minister added.

Athawale, who is chief of Republican Party of India, a BJP ally, said Pakistan should not indulge in war-mongering and also not issue veiled threats.

“Our Army is strong and we have defeated them in wars like Kargil they thrust upon us,” he said.