Pakistan uses terrorism as a proxy war against India to keep the flames going on in Kashmir is common knowledge. India and even United States of America have acknowledged it. Now the former President and dictator of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf has virtually accepted it. Well it does seem like that. “We have source (in Kashmir) besides the (Pakistan) army…People in Kashmir are fighting against (India). We just need to incite them,” the 71-year-old retired general, who is currently on bail in a treason case, told a TV channel. (Read: Pervez Musharraf: Pakistan needs to ‘incite’ those ‘fighting’ in Kashmir)

The comments came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Pakistan has been taught a befitting lesson after a series of ceasefire violation. But the comments by Musharraf are especially specially as it focusses on “sources other than the Army” to fight against India, which could be pointing at the use of terrorist organisations by the country. Pakistani leaders have previously shown their soft corner for extremist organisations in their land as well.

Their former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had stated that there was a “good Taliban” and there is a “bad Taliban” and the world needed to differentiate that. He later changed his stance but ended up making another statement that proved to be a lie later, “I do not know (where Osama bin Laden is). Certainly he is not in Pakistan and I do not know where he is.” bin Laden was shot dead ina secret strike by a US SEAL team in 2012. So another former leader of Pakistan virtually acknowledging the use of terrorist to wage a proxy war against India will not come as a surprise. Although, the Indian establishment and Indians can now point to the Pakistan government, Army and ISI using it, thanks to the former dictator’s comments. The cat was always out of the bag. We are seeing it now.