The man who loves martini more  than anything is James Bond. But have martinis been replaced by pan masala? Well, from what India saw this morning when they reached out for their newspaper, this pretty much looks like the scene. On Friday morning, when world came to terms with the fact that Pierce Brosnan is featured in a chewable-tobacco ad, almost everyone had floor slipped from under their feet. Pierce, best known for James Bond always had his hands on guns and girl, until DDB Mudra Group roped him in for endorsement of Pan Bahar.Also Read - Video: Raj Thackeray Gets Emotional While Giving Farewell To Dog James | WATCH

The 63-year-old Hollwood-actor Pierce Brosnan, is all over the bill boards and full-page advertisement on newspaper. The video commercial in the ad campaign, uploaded on youtube has already gone viral even quicker than a viral video. “Class never goes out of Style” is the brand line mouthed by Pierce in the Pan Bahar advertisement. On Twitter, people shared snaps of newspaper ads, bill boards and jokes expressing their shock and disblief. Who would have  imagined their favourite Bond star to see him in a Pan Masala ad. But here we are, talking about it. Also Read - Harry Potter And James Bond Actor Paul Ritter, Dies of Brain Tumor at 54

In a minute-long TVC, Pierce is seen as Bond who is on a mission probably, and the moment deserves to go down on history, for he is seen using guns to finish off the bad ones, rather he use a can of Pan Bahar as a weapon. And this is how people reacted to it: Also Read - Attention James Bond Fans! This Website Is Offering $1,000 to Binge-Watch All 24 Bond Films

While, everyone is still going crazy about if Bond ever knew about what he is endorsing. Let’s take a moment to appreciate, that we got see Pierce Brosnan, in his iconic Bond style, though with Pan Masala can. The man looks, as suave as ever and that thick beard, redefines Bond as classy as ever!

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This time Bond left everyone, ‘shaken, not stirred’. Just the way he likes his martinis.