New Delhi: A six-year-old girl in Jalna has written to Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray demanding a pay raise for her bus conductor father as the overtime he does to augment his salary was depriving her of his presence at home. Ambad resident Shriya Harale, who used to constantly pester her father to spend more time at home with her, on Friday wrote a letter in Marathi, detailing her wish to spend quality time with him.

“I request you to increase my father’s salary so that he does not have to work overtime and can spend time with me at home, and take me to school daily,” she wrote in Marathi to Thackeray.

“She handed the letter to me and walked alongside as I sent it by ordinary post to the CM on Thursday. She would always ask me why I spent so little time at home and more at work. I used to explain to her that I have a meagre salary and need to work overtime to earn more,” her father Sachin Harale, employed at Ambad depot of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation, told PTI.

The child said a routine day saw her father leave for work in the morning before she got up, and come back late at night by which time she had gone to sleep.

“My father tells me he has to work overtime to make ends meet. I want my father to spend more time at home with me so that he can help me study, and also play with me,” Shriya, a student of Class I in Matysodari Vidyalay here, said.

The child’s father said he had not heard from anyone so far in the government and was not sure if the letter had reached the CM.