New Delhi: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday addressed a poll rally in Chandni Chowk constituency ahead of Delhi Assembly Election 2020, and blamed the Central government and the Delhi government for dividing people in the country for power and position.

She also stated that both PM Modi and CM Kejriwal are only hungry for publicity. Targeting BJP leaders, she said that their character can be defined by their slogans.

Tendering apology for coming late to the rally venue, Priyanka said if she had taken Sheila Dikshit ji’s Metro, she would have reached in 10 minutes.

“Brothers and sisters, I apologise for coming late, I got stuck in traffic. The AAP and the BJP did not build any new roads in the last 5 years, had I taken Sheila Dikshit ji’s Metro, I would have reached in 10 minutes,” she added.

While addressing the rally on Tuesday she had slammed the Centre for the rising unemployment in the country and said it is the highest in the last 45 years.

Citing a report, Priyanka said over 3.5 crore jobs have been lost across seven sectors but the Prime Minister does not even acknowledge it.

“According to a report, 3.5 crore jobs have reduced across seven sectors. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi doesn’t even mention it. Could the prime minister say whether this reduction in jobs is a samyog (coincidence) or a prayog (experiment)?” Priyanka said.

She said the Central government is on a disinvestment spree. “LIC, Air India, BPCL, BSNL have been sold. They are even planning to sell off the Indian Railways. The Congress-led governments had brought 14 crores, people, out of poverty, but the BJP government is pushing them back into poverty at a fast pace,” she added.