New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday met Arun Jaitley at his residence and reportedly asked him to reconsider his earlier decision and remain in the newly formed government. Notably, the Finance Minister, in a letter to the Prime Minister on Wednesday, said that he does not want to be a minister in the new government owing to health-related reasons.

Jaitley tweeted on Wednesday which read: “I have today written a letter to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, a copy of which I am releasing.”

Soon after BJP’s landslide in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, Arun Jaitley said that he had informed Modi orally about his intentions of taking time out for the treatment of an undisclosed illness. The 66-year-old minister was admitted to AIIMS last week to undergo tests and treatment for an undisclosed illness and was discharged on Thursday, the day results of Lok Sabha elections were announced. He was unable to attend the celebrations at BJP headquarters that evening after the party’s emphatic victory.

Jaitley wrote, “I am writing to you to formally request you that I should be allowed a reasonable time for myself, my treatment and my health and therefore, not be a part of any responsibility, for the present, in the new government.” His ill health prevented him from contesting in the Lok Sabha elections 2019. Notably, BJP had won a landslide 303 seats, of the 542, in the general elections.

He added that he would continue to informally support the government and the party in any form that is required. A lawyer by profession, he has been the most important leader in Modi’s Cabinet and has often acted as the chief troubleshooter for the government.

Jaitley was a minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government and when Modi swept to power in 2014, he was made the finance minister and also handled briefly the additional charge of defence and information and broadcasting ministries.

(With agency inputs)