New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday instructed his council of ministers to not make public claims which they can not deliver and not appoint their relatives in advisory roles in ministries.

PM Modi signalled to ministers who make unnecessary remarks on areas that are not their area of concern and their tendency to speak out of turn.

According to reports, he asked the council of ministers to state only facts or make claims which can be established.

This is not the first that PM Modi has advised their minister to speak with responsibility in public.

PM Modi, after the Lok Sabha election results, had cautioned the NDA leaders not to do loose talk before the media, especially television, as that has often dented the party’s prestige.

Atalji kehte the ki ye chhapas and dikhaas ka rog ek prakar ka nashaa hota hai. Issey bachkar rehna hai. (Atalji used to say that the disease to see the name in print and on television is a kind of dope. And one should keep away from it,” Modi had said.

In yesterday’s meeting, he said that there should be better coordination between Cabinet ministers and ministers of state for improving the “gati” and “disha” (speed and direction) of governance.

He also told the ministries not to limit their interaction only with the top-level official but should also interact with relatively lower in the hierarchy such as joint secretaries, directors and deputy secretaries, so that these officials should also feel that they are also part of the team.

Reiterating that ministers should reach the office by 9:30 am, Modi said some of them are still to heed to his instruction and it’s high time that they should start doing that.