New Delhi: Allaying fears, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday clarified that the newly enacted Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the proposed National Population Register (NPR) have nothing in common with the National Register of Citizens (NRC), during an exclusive interview with news agency ANI.

“There is no link between National Register of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR), I am clearly stating this today,” said Amit Shah to news agency ANI. Both are two different moves of the Central government, he added. Shah also clarified that people will not lose their citizenship because of NPR. “It is possible that some names are missed in the NPR, still their citizenship will not be revoked because this is not the process of NRC. The NRC is a different process. I want to make it clear that nobody will lose citizenship because of the NPR,” he was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

Police Brutality During CAA Protests:

Reacting to reports of incidents where protests over the Citizenship law had turned violent, BJP leader Amit Shah stated that such violence cannot be justified. Since police were blamed for their brutality, Amit Shah defended them by stressing on the need to understand the position of police when stones were being pelted at the site of the protests. Speaking in favour of the police personnel, Shah noted that the police officers have to save their own lives while protecting the public.

Shah also pointed out at ”one or two” incidents, like the incident when police entered a hospital’s ICU while chasing rioters, and stated that “such incidents should be avoided.” Condemning the violence during the protests, Amit Shah said, “One must also understand that it is not easy to stand still when thousands of stones are being pelted”, according to news agency ANI.

Amit Shah Defends PM Modi’s Remark on NRC:

Defending Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the remarks on NRC, Amit Shah stated that there was actually no discussion in the Parliament over the issue. In a counter reaction to the Home Minister’s statement, AIMIM chief tweeted a video of Amit Shah discussing the NRC issue in Parliament and said, “Hello @AmitShah, can you please tell us if this is indeed you, if this discussion is indeed about nationwide NRC and if this is the Parliament?”

On December 22, PM Modi addressed a public rally in Delhi’s Ramlila ground, where he said, “From the time my government has come to power in the country, I want to make it clear to 130 crore countrymen that there has never been a single discussion on the NRC.”

Shah’s Appeal to Kerala & West Bengal CMs:

Talking about Kerala and Bengal chief ministers refusing to implement NRC in their respective states, Amit Shah urged them to review their decisions. “I humbly appeal to both Chief Ministers again, that don’t take such a step and please review your decisions, don’t keep the poor out of development programs just for your politics,” he said.

He said the constitutional provision of Census of the country will be done in 10 years. “The last census was done in 2011, so the next one is to be in 2021. The census process will begin in April 2020. Then the mapping of the houses will begin. Complete census and NPR will be done in 2021,”he added.

Connection Between Detention Center & NRC or CAA:

“There is no connection between detention center and NRC or CAA. The center has been there for years and is for illegal migrants. Misinformation is being spread on this,” stated the Home Minister while speaking to news agency ANI on Tuesday. He added that currently there is only one detention centre in Assam and stated that he has no clue about the presence of detention centres in other parts of the country.

“Detention centres are a continuous process. If an illegal migrant is arrested without any valid document, he will be kept in that detention centres and they will be deported later to their respective countries. Detention centres have nothing to do with NRC,” stated Shah, as quoted by news agency ANI.

Talking about the requirement of the detention centres in the country, Shah said illegal migrants need to be kept somewhere for six months till their deportation. However, he also clarified that nobody has been kept in the detention centre so far.“Our government has not kept anybody in detention centres so far. People left out in NRC in Assam are living in their houses,” he further clarified.He said there is only one detention centre in Assam and it is there for many years now. “There is only one detention centre existing in Assam, and it’s there for many years now. No other detention centre has been built under PM Modi’s government,” he added. He also added that the detention centres are not specifically built for the NRC purpose.The statement from the Home Minister comes after Opposition leaders slammed PM Modi for his remark on detention centre when he said that not a single detention centre has been built in the country.

Shah Hits at AIMIM Chief Owaisi’s anti-CAA stance: 

Slamming All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen chief Asaduddin Owaisi for opposing the CAA, Amit Shah clarified that the new Citizenship Amendment Act has nothing to do with the National Register of Citizens (NRC), stated news agency ANI.

“If we say that the sun rises from the east then Owaisi ji will say no it rises from the west, he always opposes our stand. Still I again assure him that CAA has nothing to do with NRC,” Amit Shah told news agency ANI in response to AIMIM chief’s earlier statement about lies being spread about the nation-wide NRC.

On December 22, Owaisi took to his official Twitter account and said, “Today, Modi said there has been no discussion on nation-wide NRC and that lies are being spread to mislead us@PMOIndia who’s lying? If @AmitShah is wrong, then it is breach of Parliamentary Privilege and a clear case of misleading the House. Who should we believe?”

Pointing out the link between NPR and NRIC, Owaisi tweeted that the creation of the National Population Register (NPR) is the first step towards preparation of the National Register of Indian Citizens. “The sun will always rise from the east, but can we say the same about your feelings towards NRC?,” tweeted the AIMIM chief in retaliation.