New Delhi, Feb 16: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday interacted with students from across India ahead of class 10, 12 board exams 2018. The interactive session titled ‘Pariksha Par Charcha‘ was held at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi where the prime minister shared his top mantras to help the students deal with the board and competitive exam stress. PM Modi also authored a book ‘Exam Warriors’ for the students dealing with exam phobia. It was launched on February 3.

“Forget that you talking to a prime minister, talk to me as a friend and share with me all the doubts you have. It is like an exam for me. You are all my examiners. Let’ss see how much marks you give me,” PM Modi said at the beginning of the ‘Pariksha Par Charcha‘ session.


1. Celebrate exams like festivals with happiness.

2. The exams, be it state board exams or competitive exams, are meant to bring out the best in you.

3. Follow Vivekananda’s preachings.

4. There is usually nervousness before and during the exams. Maintaining self-confidence before the exams is important to evaluate oneself at every point in life. Self-confidence comes by challenging ourselves and working hard

5. No extra activity is needed for concentration during exams. Students need to check off the things that are distracting them.

6. Yoga is not a physical exercise. Yoga is necessary to synchronize the body, mind, and soul to attain concentration.

7. Choose opponents carefully. Instead of competing with others, the students should compete with themselves. My friends, don’t bother about how many hours your friends are studying.

8. Don’t compare yourself to other students. When you compare yourself to other students, you try to fit yourself in their shoes.

9. Don’t question your parents’ intentions. They make sacrifices for their children.

10. Recognise their abilities and strengths. Strive to become better every day.

11. Do all that you love. Spend time in nature, read a good book, don’t leave the things that you love to do. Don’t just restrict yourself to books.


1. Don’t make the success of your children your social status.

2. Every child has specific abilities. The parents need to recognise them.

3. Don’t pressurize your children. Marks scored in exams is not life.

4. Don’t compare your children with other kids.