Surat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday while interacting with the youth and young professionals at the New India Youth Conclave drew a parallel between his and the UPA government and said that there was a difference in India’s reaction to 26/11 and there’s a difference today. Saying so, he cited the example of the surgical strike carried out by the jawans. ‘Uri is the change we brought,’ said PM Modi.

He said, “Terrorists attacked Mumbai, what happened after it? In our government, Uri happened, what happened after it? This is the change. The fire that was in the hearts of our jawans, it was in the heart of the PM too, Surgical Strike was the result.”

Stating that the Uri terror attack didn’t let him sleep, the PM added, “What happened after that everyone knows. This is the change.”

Citing that there has been a change during his regime, he gave instances of how a rape case is dealt with nowadays. “There used to be rapes in this country earlier too, it is a shame that we still hear about such cases. Now, culprits are hanged within 3 days, 7 days, 11 days and a month. Steps are being taken continuously to get daughters justice and results are evident.”

He further attributed this wave of change to the citizens of our country. “India is changing because Indians have decided to change. Three lakh companies were shut down after demonetisation and nobody thought black money could be curbed,” said the PM.

He also lashed out at the Gandhi family and said they will have to go to jail one day no matter what. “We will get rid of people who have plundered assets of the country in the last 70 years,” he said. Explaining the true meaning of Congress-mukt Bharat, PM Modi added that it meant freeing the country of the wrong deeds Congress did in the country in the last 15 years– He said that his government had freed the country of politics, economic scams among many other wrong deeds.