New Delhi, Mar 18: “Will India live a lie or will India have the courage to face the truth,” challenged Rahul Gandhi as he spoke on the second day of the Congress Plenary Session in Delhi on Sunday. Even as he candidly admitted how the Congress-led UPA had failed to meet the expectations of the people, Rahul said in the current dispensation, the corrupt ruled the conversation in the country. He said while the Congress was the voice of the nation, the BJP was the voice of an organisation.Also Read - Kerala: LDF Wins 24 Of 42 Seats In Local Body By-Polls, UDF Bags 12

Rahul played to the gallery by alleging that Prime Minister skirts real issue by flitting from one event to another. He said, “The PM diverts our attention and jumps from one event to another; from Gabbar Singh Tax to yoga in Parliament but never talks about real issues.” But, he pointed out, “the Congress cannot be stopped from seeking the truth and justice.” Also Read - Cannes 2022: PM Modi Hails India as Country of Honour, Says 'Cinema Showcases Human Emotions'

Rahul said the fight with the BJP was reminiscent of the Mahabharat where Pandavas, who stood for righteousness, had to fight Kauravas for their due. Also Read - Upset With Gujarat Party Leadership, Hardik Patel Quits Congress, May Join BJP

Alluding to how the present government was divisive by nature and sought to dictate its terms, Rahul said, “They tell the Muslims of India who never went to Pakistan and supported this great nation that they don’t belong here. They tell the Tamils to change their beautiful language. They tell the people of the N-E that they don’t like what the latter eat. They tell the women to dress properly.”

He said activists like Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh were killed because they asked questions despite “being warned not to ask question.” He said honest businessmen in the country are fleeced by corrupt officials but they cannot speak up. Farmers are expected to work for free, he alleged.

Claiming that the entire nation held the Congress in high regard, Rahul said people would accept a man charged with murder to head the BJP but they won’t accept the same from his party. He went onto say that the BJP never accepts that it took a wrong decision or made a mistake. He said the BJP thinks its leader Narendra Modi is God’s own avatar and so cannot make mistakes. Rahul said his party was destined to get back in power and do a lot of good work. But, he said, all the senior leaders present at the event, were humble enough to accept their failure, as humans tend to make mistakes, and would always accept if they floundered. Whereas the BJP never did, no matter how costly its decisions proved to be for the people of the nation.

Calling on party workers to forget their personal issues, Rahul concluded with a word of caution. He said tough decisions were in the offing and all he asked of the party workers was to get together to beat the BJP-led government out of power.