Bhubaneshwar, April 16: After a resounding victory in Uttar Pradesh elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is eyeing Gujarat assembly elections. With an aim of victory in mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday exhorted party workers to use the achievements of BJP as a tool to take a jump ahead and educate about it to the deprived communities.

PM  Modi gave his party men a new agenda to follow for the upcoming elections, that is P2 and G2, which stands for Pro-poor and Good governance. PM has been since 2014 reiterating that his party is for the poor and stand with the poor, hence he wants to take the deprived communities forward.  His dream is to take India on the top position by 2022 in the world development chart.  This was informed by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari post the national executive meeting. In 2022, India will complete 75 years of Independence. Gadkari said PM cited the example of Mahatma Gandhi as he always used to speak for freeing India from the British rule, this took long for the people to achieve the aim of Independence that the country had gained which was almost unimaginable at that time. Gadkari on this note further explained that similar is the case of poverty, we need to eradicate it and our country should be at the last position when it comes to the number of poor in the world. Also Read: Prime Minister Narendra Modi leads roadshow in Surat after winning UP Elections: 10 Points

Talking about way forward, PM told party workers in the capital of Odisha that their party at the centre has done extremely well since 2014 but by stating this the pace of development should shoot up and not remain at the same rate. “Jan Dhan, Van Dhan and Jal Dhan” is the new development formula of the BJP laid out by the Prime Minister on the path of Deen Dayal Upadhyay and the formula was a mere extension of his vision.

Jal Dhan means to develop country’s water resources so that irrigation does not stall, Van Dhan stands for the forest resource which can take care of tribals in the country, Jan dhan means to develop the poor economically as PM here stated that “India is rich with poor in its arms.”

PM in his speech to the party workers also mentioned about including OBCs among the Muslims and also stated that the practice of ‘triple talaq’ should end and the Muslim women should enjoy their constitutional freedom.