Jerusalem, July 5: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday made Holtzberg Moshe, the boy who survived the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in 2008 with the help of his nanny Sandra Samuel. On the second day of his visit to Israel, Modi met Moshe and his grandparents as well as Sandra Samuel. Moshe gifted Modi a collage and said, “Dear Mr Modi, I love you and your people in India.” Modi invited Moshe to India and said, “You can visit India anytime,will give you & your family long term visa.” There were smiles and hugs as the Prime Minister met Moshe, who is now a little over 10 years of age.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also present at the meeting between Modi and Moshe. Netanyahu told Moshe, “PM Modi invited me to India and you will come with me.”

Moshe was an infant when he was caught at the Nariman House on November 26, 2008, when terrorists attacked Mumbai. He is, therefore, popularly known as Baby Moshe. While his parents Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah were brutally killed by the terrorists, Moshe was taken away by his nanny Sandra Samuel, who managed to escape. Sandra ran from the Nariman House with Moshe in her lap to save him and herself from the terrorists. Eight Israelis lost their lives in the 26/11 attacks. (Also Read: Baby Moshe is fond of Indian food)

Moshe does not remember the time that he spent in India since he was a little baby then. However, he says that he wants to go to India and visit Nariman House like his parents did. He now stays in Afula with Rivkah’s parents. Sandra works in a child rehabilitation centre in Jerusalem, but makes it a point to visit Moshe every Sunday.

“I am waiting for him to ask those questions. I remember everything, it’s like a framed picture or a movie in my head. Those hellish moments are stuck in my head,” says Sandra. She also adds that Moshe may ask questions when he is well versed in English.