New Delhi, Aug 13: Shiv Sena on Monday reacted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interview to news agency ANI and dismissed it as a “propaganda”. “The reporters sent questions to the PMO, which sent written replies. Many have treated it as an interview. In other words, it is propaganda,” the Sena said in ‘Saamana’ and ‘Dopahar Ka Saamana,’ the party’s mouthpieces. Terming it as a one-sided dialogue, the party said that this happens in “China, Russia and Communist countries” as well.

The party further said that in the last four years, PM Modi did not hold a single press conference but conveyed his thoughts through Mann Ki Baat. “Before the (2014) elections, (Narendra) Modi was a friend of the media, but after becoming the PM, he has retreated into a cage,” it said.

The party further said that PM Narendra Modi indicated that seven million jobs were created in one year. Of the seven million jobs, 4.5 million were created between September 2017 and April 2018. “The implication is that by 2019, double and triple number of jobs will be created, the PM feels,” the Sena pointed out.

In a direct interview, the Sena said, many questions could have been asked and any “fake statement” would have been detected by the interviewer. “This much freedom should be allowed to the journalists,” the party said. However, the Prime Minister, Shiv Sena said, seems to have ended this tradition and “he answers what he deems proper and the interviews are published accordingly”.

“If the interview had been conducted face-to-face, the journalist would have got the opportunity to ask supplementary such as in which sectors these jobs have been created and how to verify the claims. If so many jobs have indeed been created, then why do unemployed youths rampage on the streets for employment and job reservations?” the party asked.

Attacking PM for demonetisation, Shiv Sena said that there was a huge loss of jobs. “Mumbai’s core job-creating sectors such as construction, production and service industries now resemble a desert. In the recent agitation (Maratha stir), over 500 factories were attacked in Aurangabad and Pune, thanks to the government’s policies,” it said.

With IANS inputs