New Delhi: Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi has accused Lucknow cops of manhandling and strangulating her as she was on her way on Saturday to meet the family members of an activist who was arrested during the protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019.

“What should I say — they have stopped me in the middle of the road. They have no reason to stop me. Only God knows why they have done this!” She said.

She was on her way to visit the family of actress-activist Sadaf Jafar, who has been in custody since her arrest on December 19, when she was stopped by police. From there, she went to meet the family members of former IPS officer SR Darapuri, who was also arrested during protests against the controversial law. The 76-year-old cancer patient was taken into custody on charges of rioting. On her way to Darapuri’s place, she was stopped. She walked and took a two-wheeler ride to reach her destination.


Watch video of Priyanka Gandhi walking as supporters cheered ‘Priyanka Gandhi Zindabad’.


Mujhe roka gaya, mujhe gala daba kar police wale ne roka. Mujhe pakad kar dhakela gaya. Iske baad main gir gaie thi. Iske baad main ek karyakarta ke scooter par baith kar gaie. Mujhe lady police adhikaari ne roka tha (I was stopped. Police stopped holding my neck. I was pushed and I fell down. Then I took a ride on a scooter of a party member. I was stopped by lady police officers),” she said,

“There is no point stopping us on road. It’s not an issue of SPG but of Uttar Pradesh Police,” she added.