Sydney, July 30: After thwarting a plot to the terror attack by police in Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Sunday said the raids by the police at various locations in the city were meant to arrest the persons allegedly accused of conspiring an attack. Also Read - Sydney apartment high-rise evacuated after 'cracking' heard

In a statement, Turnbull said, “We face a range of terrorist threats. Some of them are lone actors, who activate very quickly with very little warning. On other occasions you get quite elaborate conspiracies this appears to be in that category.” Also Read - Arrest in Australian cold case made famous by podcast

As per media reports, four men were arrested on Saturday during anti-terror raids carried out by Australian federal police, New South Wales police and ASIO at five properties in Sydney. Police said the arrested persons were planning to detonate an aircraft with an improvised “device”. However, the details of the planned attack were not made public. Police added they seized items during raids in Surry hills which may be used to make a homemade bomb.
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Adding further, Turnbull said, “Some of the measures will be obvious to the public, some will not be those travelling should go about their business with confidence. Travellers should arrive at terminals at least two hours before flights to allow ample time for screening.They should limit the amount of carry-on and checked baggage, as this will help to ensure that security screening is efficient.”

Reflecting upon the raids, Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin said they had no reason to believe airport security had been “compromised” but a heightened state of security has been implemented.

(With inputs from PTI)