New Delhi: “Today our poor people need money, I am requesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he should reconsider the COVID-19 economic stimulus package”, said former Congress president Rahul Gandhi while addressing regional reporters via a Zoom video call. Also Read - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Counting on Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford to Boost Manchester United's Season Run on Premier League Return

He also warned the Narendra Modi-led government of ‘catastrophic problem’, if it fails to put money into the bank accounts of people worst affected by the lockdown. Also Read - Coronavirus in Maharashtra: With 2,091 New Cases, State Inches Closer to Crossing 55,000-Mark

“When children are hit, mother doesn’t give them loan, but gives direct relief, the need of the hour is not loan package but money should be put in the pockets of the people. “Those walking on the roads need money, not debt. The farmer who is suffering needs money, not debt,” asserted Gandhi. Also Read - Rahul Gandhi Distances Congress From Coronavirus in Maharashtra, Says 'We're Not Key Decision-Makers There'

The congress leader said that PM Modi should consider direct bank transfer, MGNREGA for 200 days and money to farmers directly, ‘as these people are our future’. “I have heard that the reason behind not giving money is ratings. It is being said that if we increase our deficit today, the foreign agencies will downgrade our ratings”, he added.

He said a ‘storm’ was brewing on the economic front that will cause damage and hurt many. “The storm has not come yet, it is coming and will cause big economic damage and hurt many,” he said.

Furthermore, he urged government to come up with plans on the lines of NYAY scheme, proposed by the grand old party ahead of Lok Sabha elections 2019. “NYAY could be implemented for temporary period which could help in increasing the demand side and to help the people in distress”, Rahul said.