New Delhi: Moments after India bombed the biggest terror hideouts inside Pakistani territory and PoK on Tuesday, the rogue state has been peddling lies to hide the truth that Indian non-military pre-emptive air strike decimated the terrorist training camps deep inside its territory. Rattled over India’s massive response to the Pulwama attack by the Pakistan-backed terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed, Pakistani establishment has been hiding its face globally. (Live on India-Pakistan standoff)Also Read - 20 Dead, 6 Injured in Pakistan Bus-oil Tanker Collision

1. Pakistan defence spokesman has been hiding the truth that Indian warplanes totally decimated the training camp where over 300 terrorists where celebrating Pulwama attacks. They claimed that Indian warplanes jettisoned the payload while being pushed back by its air force. However, eyewitnesses confirmed to international media that the camp was totally destroyed, killing over 350 terrorists. Also Read - Petrol Price Touches Rs 233/Litre In Pakistan, Diesel Rs 244/L. Details Here

2. After the air strike, India briefed other countries on why India had to go inside Pakistan and dismantle the terror safe heavens. While Pakistan has been saying it would go to the international forums against India’s air strike, top world leaders sided with India. Even Pakistan’s long-term ally, the U.S, asked Pakistan to take action against the terrorists on its land. It cannot remain a breeding ground for the terror. Also Read - ‘Yeh Hota Hai Azaad Mulk’, Imran Khan’s Video Praising India Goes Viral | WATCH

3. A day after the air strike, Pakistani claimed to have shot down India’s two aircraft. However, the truth is otherwise. India shot one F16 of Pakistan Air Force while it violated Indian air space. Three Pakistani aircraft violated the Indian air space and were pushed by effectively by the Indian fighter jets. One Indian aircraft crashed because of technical reason in Budgam in an unrelated event. Pakistan has been beating its chest that they shot it down. It’s a lie. Here is the biggest proof. Pakistani media has been showing the images of 2016 and 2018 crashes in Jodhpur and Odisha, suggesting that they are IAF jets shot down today. However, a simple verification on Google image search and fact-check would prove Pakistani media’s claims are false.

In the wake of airspace violation by the Pakistani aircraft on Wednesday morning, India closed its airspace over Srinagar, Leh, Jammu. Following the violations, the IAF jets went on see-and-shoot operation. The shutting of airs pace means the area will be kept free from the commercial operations and will be used for military operations. Soon after the airspace violations, India suspended the commercial operations at Srinagar, Jammu, Leh, Chandhigarh, Dharamshala, Amritsar and Pathankot airports.Also, India has put all forward posts on high alert in the wake of tension between the two neighbouring countries.