New Delhi, Nov 23: Bus conductor Ashok Kumar returned home on bail on Wednesday night, months after he was arrested for allegedly murdering Pradyuman Thakur, Class II student of Ryan International School, Gurugram, in the school premises. Speaking to Zee News after returning home, Ashok Kumar said that he was made to go through “third degree torture” to confess that he killed the child. He said that he was sedated and even beaten up to forcefully confess.

“Mujhe current diya, ulta latkaake maara (they gave me electric shocks, beat me up after hanging me upside down),” Ashok said while speaking to Zee News. He also added that he does not even remember what he confessed since he was sedated. He thanked the media and said that he was “innocent”. “I am in pain,” Ashok added. He even said that the school authorities knew that he was innocent.

Ashok was released on bail from Gurugram’s Bhondsi jail on Wednesday evening. The Gurugram District Court on Tuesday granted bail to him with a Rs 50,000 security bond.

Ashok got bail days after the Central Bureau of Investigation apprehended a Class XI student of the same school alleging he murdered Pradyuman. Residents of Ghamroj, Ashok Kumar’s village, decided to pay the money for his bail. The villagers said that they have been collecting money for him since he got arrested. Villagers pooled in money for the man, who is considered innocent in the village.

Ashok was arrested on September 8, after the body of Pradyuman Thakur, a class two student of Ryan International School in Gurugram, was found lying inside the washroom. According to the police, Ashok was accused of murdering Pradyuman by slitting the throat of the student. He also reportedly made a confession, which he later said was made under the pressure of the police.

The case was later transferred to the CBI, which eventually found that a senior student of the school committed the crime in a bid to ‘postpone the examination and parent-teachers meet’. Following this revelation, the CBI also alleged that the police tampered with evidence to frame the conductor.