New Delhi, Dec 03: In a shocking turn of events in Ryan International school murder case, Sushil Thekriwal, the lawyer who is representing Pradyuman’s family has claimed that he along with his wife have been attacked by Delhi Police on Saturday. The incident reportedly took place at 8:30 PM when the counsel had gone to Ashoka hotel in national capital’s Chankyapuri area with his family for dinner. Thekriwal also alleged that the cop who assaulted him also threatened him to leave the murder case.

Thekriwal identified the Delhi Police cop as Sanjeev Singh Yadav, from his name plate on his uniform. Following the incident, Thekriwal wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Police, and narrated his ordeal.

“A constable put his gun towards us and Inspector Yadav groped me, attacked me, assaulted me, thrashed me, kicked from inside by butt and boot and I was down on the earth and attempted to kill from the gun. He screamed that both of us will be killed since we are dealing with Ryan Murder Case/Pradhyumn Case and threatened to leave the case otherwise we will be subjected to dire consequences,” India Today quoted statements from his letter.

Talking to news agency IANS, the counsel’s wife Mamta Thekriwal said,”The Delhi Police officer also mishabehaved with me when I tried to make the video of the incident.”

On the other hand, the Delhi Police has denied all the allegations and issued a statement saying the lawyer misbehaved with them. “He was breaching the area during VVIP movement when we asked him to wait for a while. Police was just performing its mandated duties”.

Pradyuman, a Class 2 student of Gurgaon Ryan International school, was found dead with his throat slit by a sharp-edged weapon on September 8. The Haryana police had arrested a bus conductor, Ashok Kumar, pinning the blame for the crime on him. However, in a twist in the case, the CBI recently announced that it had apprehended a senior student of the school in connection with the incident.