New Delhi, June 27: In a shocking incident, a pregnant woman was allegedly strip-searched by a CISF lady staff at Guhawati airport. According to India Today report, the CISF lady staff wanted to confirm woman’s pregnancy. The incident took place at Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport on June 24.

The incident occurred when the woman and her husband were returning to Delhi after attending last rites of woman’s father. The couple, Shivam Sarmah and Doli Goswami, came to Guwahati on June 12. Doli’s father passed away on June 11. According to media reports, the couple was returning to Delhi by SpiceJet flight on June 24. The 25-week pregnant woman was strip-searched by a lady official of CISF by pushing her abdomen rather than going through the medical examination.

The matter came into light after her husband took to the micro-blogging site to express his anger. “Dear CISF, please learn how to treat a pregnant woman. Yesterday, in Guwahati airport my wife was harassed by CISF staff named Sujata, she forced my wife to undress to verify pregnancy. Is it a crime being pregnant in this country?” he tweeted.

Talking to PTI, Samrah said he asked for a wheelchair which was provided to them. He said that before they were handed the boarding passes, they were quizzed for almost 20 minutes. “We were carrying the doctor’s prescription slip but left it in check in a bag after airline staff stopped us from carrying too many handbags,” Mr Sarmah added.

Following the incident, the CISF has transferred the lady staff who allegedly strip-searched the pregnant woman and also assured that the matter will be enquired properly.