Kannauj, Feb 15: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a rally in Kannauj district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh ahead of the third phase polling in 12 districts of the state. The rally was held at the military ground in Gursahaiganj. The rally in Kannauj has been addressed after 46 years by an Indian prime minister.

The last rally in Kannauj’s Gursahaiganj was last addressed by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the year 1971 ahead of Lok Sabha elections.

Before starting the address, Prime Minister congratulates the scientists of Indian Space Research Organisation on the successful launch of 104 satellites.

Let’s look at top highlights of Narendra Modi speech in Kannauj:

  1. People of Kannuaj will fill the deficit of win in 2014.
  2. PM cites the success in Panchayat Polls in Odisha. People of Odisha gave a huge mandate to Bharatiya Janta Party. “Despite demonetisation, Bharatiya Janta Patry won Municipal elections in Chandigarh and Gujarat. It also won by-elections in Rajasthan”, PM said.
  3. Launching a scathing attack on Samajwadi Party rule, PM  said that Samajwadi Party is not in not interested in providing food to all. It’s an anti-poor government. Despite constant flow of funds from the Central government, the Samajwadi Party government failed in universalising food for all.
  4. More than 50 percent schools in Uttar Pradesh lack teachers.
  5. Prime Minister cites lowering of prices for coronary stents for heart patients. The stents will be sold at Rs. 8000 which was earlier sold at Rs. 45,000. Congress failed to revise the prices for years.
  6. Congress promised a food processing factory in Kannuj. They failed to fulfil their promise.
  7.  Onion and Potato will be bought at Minimum Support Price now.
  8. PM takes a dig at Rahul Gandhi for his remark on “Potato Factory”.
  9.  We have implemented many pro-farmer initiatives but Samajwadi Party only runs for its family.
  10. PM promises to wave off of farmer loans if Bharatiya Janta Party is elected to power in Uttar Pradesh. I shall personally ensure that this promise is fulfilled in its first cabinet meeting.
  11. Samajwadi Party family feud resembles like films of Bollywood. Samajwadi Party and Congress were campaigning against each other prior to the announcement of elections.
  12. Congress’s one leg is tied with Bahujan Samaj Party while another leg is tied with Samajwadi Party. They cannot win this race. Only Bharatiya Janta Party will win elections in Uttar Pradesh.
  13. Mulayam Singh Yadav was fatally attacked on March 4, 1984. Veteran leaders like Chaudhary Charan Singh and Atal Bihari protested against the attack.
  14. “Can you form an alliance with someone who tried to murder your father. Akhilesh Yadav entered into an unholy alliance with Congress”, PM said.
  15. Poverty, Child Mortality rate, Mother mortality rate is on rise in Uttar Pradesh.
  16. Police stations in Uttar Pradesh have turned into offices of Samajwadi Party. Police recruitment in Uttar Pradesh is driven by caste-based decisions.
  17. “We have removed interview in the recruitment process in Class III and Class IV categories in central government. Around 1 lakh people were recruited in Railways without interview”, PM said.
  18. We have plans for recruitment in BSF and CISF. This will be done without interview.
  19.  After demonetisation, Corrupt people have sleepless nights now. I will not stop my campaign against Corruption.
  20. PM appealed to people of Kannuj to vote for Bharatiya Janta Party on Feb 19 in third phase of Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections.