New Delhi: Pro-Pakistani groups, Khalistanis and fake Kashmiri groups are expected to protest against ‘Howdy Modi’ event in Houston on September 22, Sunday. Besides, the anti-India protests are also expected to roll out in New York and outside the UN headquarters during PM Narendra Modi’s one-week tour.

The New York city Police said that anti-Modi rally permits were requested by three organisations, including a coalition of Pakistan-backed organisations. Nearly 7000 people are expected to participate in the protests

Speaking to news agency ANI, a few people belonging to the Indian community claimed that those who are protesting in name of being Kashmirs do not even belong to the Valley. They claimed that the protesters are Pakistani representative staging a false narrative.

“They are misleading public by putting out a false narrative about Kashmir without mentioning the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus die to Islamic terrorism”, ANI quoted Mohan Sapru of Global Kashmiri Pandit diaspora as saying.

Meanwhile, PM Modi will arrive in Houston today. Soon after arriving there (Houston), the Prime Minister will have a round table with several chief executives from the energy sector where major energy firms such as Air Products, Baker Hughes, BP PLC, Cheniere Energy, Dominion Energy, Emerson Electric Company, Exxonmobil, Schlumberger, Tellurian Inc., and Westlake Chemicals are expected to participate, sources said.

This will be followed by the mega event in Houston, billed as ‘Howdy Modi’, where Modi will address the Indian diaspora. The event will also be attended by US President Donald Trump.

On September 25, the Prime Minister will deliver a keynote address at the plenary of the Bloomberg global business forum.