New Delhi: With the Congress crisis deepening by the day, cracks are now beginning to surface in Madhya Pradesh Congress faction- with calls growing to make Jyotiraditya Scindia the Pradesh Congress Committee chief in the state, a post held by Chief Minister and senior party leader Kamal Nath.

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In view of the recent drubbing that the Congress party faced in Madhya Pradesh, where it won only one seat out of 29, factionalism has started to brew in the state with pro-Scindia group demanding a change of guard in state Congress.

Kamal Nath’s turf may be threatened reports suggest since Rahul Gandhi, who is adamant to quit as the party chief is already discontent with the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister for canvassing for son Nakul Nath and pushing his family’s interests ahead of the party in the election.

Nakul Nath managed to win the sole seat for Congress in MP, he won from his family bastion of Chhindwara.

Meanwhile, Jyotiraditya Scindia, who finds growing support for himself, lost his family borough- Guna.

Women and child development minister Imarti Devi, food minister Pradyumn Singh Tomar, who have constituencies near Guna, are believed to be close with Scindia and are actively pursuing the shift of state Congress party reins.

Party treasurer Govind Goyal has also criticised the chief minister for not sparing enough time for the organisation. Scindia was the campaign manager of the party in the last year’s assembly elections. His supporters had last year suggested he was a better face to invest in for the chief ministerial candidate.

There are others who say Kamal Nath has already proved his mettle in the assembly elections. The circumstances were very different in the Lok Sabha elections.

Meanwhile, Congress-led Madhya Pradesh government also faces a storm of the BJP trying to topple its almost-there majority in the house. Congress won 114 of the state’s 230 seats in the state assembly nearly six months ago where the majority mark is 116. Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party and Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party then offered unconditional support to the government. The BSP has two seats in the House and the SP one. The BJP has 109 seats. Four Independents are also backing the government. After the Chhindwara MLA Deepak Saksena resigned to vacate the seat for Kamal Nath the Cong’ess’s strength is 113.

The BJP last week wrote a letter to the governor, requesting her to convene a special session of the assembly for testing the Nath government’s strength on the floor of the House. “Nath ji has asked each of his 27 Cabinet colleague from his party to look after five legislators,” a Congress leader said. “There is no threat to my government. Let the floor test takes place. We are ready for it,” Nath had told reporters then.

Some ministers are expected to act as watchdogs and make sure no horsetrading takes place in view of the expected floor test.