New Delhi: The issue of ‘lost votes’ has come up time and again during elections, be it the Lok Sabha or state polls. However, the Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora on Wednesday promised that they were actively looking into the matter that has vexed many migrants trying to vote over the decade. Also Read - Remarks against EC: Retrograde to Restrain HCs From Making Observations or Gag Media From Reporting Observations, Says SC

Election experts noted that at least 300 million people, that is, a third of India’s total number of voters were unable to exercise their franchise in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. While some simply did not engage in the polling process, the rest were unable to cast their vote because they were in a different state from where they were registered as voters. Also Read - Treat It As a Bitter Pill In Right Way: Supreme Court To Election Commission Over Madras HC's Murder Charges' Remarks

Speaking at the Times Now Summit, CEC Arora said that efforts were being made as to how migrant voters can cast their votes away from their polling booths. The EC is working with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai, to build a blockchain system that will help voters vote even if they move cities, Arora said at the event. Also Read - Prohibit Victory Celebrations Urgently: EC Asks States As Party Workers Celebrate Poll Results

He furthered that even as the electronic voting machines (EVMs) have the possibility to malfunction, they cannot be tampered with as easily as in case of ballot papers. Ruling out the possibility of going back to the latter, Arora said he was open to criticism as long as it was ‘constructive’.

The EC was also planning to propose the linkage of voter IDs with the Aadhaar during this month’s deliberations with the ministry of law.