Mumbai, September 26: The number of people suffering from Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria is increasing day-by-day with the count reaching  3,109 in the country this month till September 23. In Delhi alone, 2,215 Dengue cases, 954 cases of malaria and 533 cases of chikungunya were reported till September 16. All these diseases are caused by a bite from infected mosquitoes.

Dengue and chikungunya are caused by female Aedes aegypti mosquito, whereas malaria is caused by female Anopheles mosquito. As the number of people suffering from these infections is growing daily, here are the symptoms and preventive methods one must look up and follow to avoid suffering from these diseases:

Symptoms of Chikungunya

  1. The symptoms of Chikungunya are noticed after 4-7 days after getting bitten by an infected mosquito.
  2. The first symptom of Chikungunya is feeling chills all over the body, fever, vomiting, nausea, headache and joint pain.
  3. Sometimes, some people get rashes on their body, mainly on limbs and trunks when the attack is sudden.
  4. Eyes turning red and leading to difficulting in looking at the light.

Prevention from Chikungunya

  1. There is no vaccine available for preventing chikungunya.
  2. However, one can avoid coming in contact with the virus or disease by preventing mosquito bites.
  3. The best way to avoid mosquitoes is to keep the surrounding and homes clean.
  4. One must get rid of stagnant water in the house.
  5. Apply mosquito repellent products before sleeping during the night.
  6. Use anti-mosquito spray or anti-mosquito coils.

Symptoms of Dengue

  1. The first symptom of Dengue is high fever, either along with a severe headache, severe eye pain, joint and muscle pain, rashes on the body, bleeding of the nose, gums, and low white cell count.
  2. Some major signs of Dengue are severe abdominal pain and continuous vomiting (blood), red spots or patches on the body, black/tarry stools.
  3. Feeling drowsy all the time, irritation of mood are also symptoms of Dengue.
  4. Other symptoms include pale, cold, or clammy skin and person facing difficulty in breathing.

Prevention from Dengue

  1. Like Chikungunya, there is no vaccine available to prevent Dengue. However one must keep the environment clean and mosquito-free.
  2. Should eat healthy and homemade food, maintain cleanliness and consult a doctor even for a mild fever.
  3. Protection from mosquito bites should be taken care of.

In Delhi, mosquito breedings were reported from at least 166,586 households.  Dr SP Byotra, Head of Medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital told DNA that compared to last year, this year has been slightly better in terms of the number of cases of these vector-borne diseases.