Amritsar: The woman here who was in news for chaining her drug addict daughter to bed here in Punjab was visited by Amritsar MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla who assured them medical help. Later, Aujla said, “It’s an unfortunate incident. I’ve directed doctors to treat the affected girl at her home.” (Also read: Fresh Flood Threat Looms Over Punjab Border Districts as Pakistan Releases More Water)

In her defence, the woman said, “I admitted my daughter to a government-run de-addiction centre three times, but they used to release her in 4-5 days. How can a drug addict be cured in 4-5 days? I even implored doctors to admit my daughter till she was cured, but to no avail.”

The woman claimed that it was only last week that her 20-year-old daughter had run away after returning from the de-addiction centre. “I found her with much difficulty and had no option but to tie her with a chain so that she may not flee again. I sleep near her so that none of her friends supplies her with drugs,” she said.

As far as the government de-addiction programme is concerned, the mother told a leading daily, “Police catch hold of the drug peddlers but leave them in an hour or two after taking bribes. Drugs are still being sold openly, young boys and girls are injecting themselves with heroin. When the government sends them to de-addiction centres, those in charge complete the formality and send them back.”

The woman claimed that her daughter worked at a salon where she got addicted to drugs. She came back from Chandigarh after she ran out of money to buy drugs and perhaps after one of her friends died of a drug overdose, she said.

She also failed to understand how the girl supported her addiction with her limited meagre means. She said recently some policemen came to her house to urge her to send the girl for treatment but she refused to send her daughter with them. “There should be separate drug de-addiction centres for girls and boys,” she said.