Sant Kabir Nagar, Sep 23: In this season of bans, authorities snatched the religious rights of Muslims ahead of the Bakra Eid or Eid al-Azha festival. Local authorities of a village of Uttar Pradesh banned qurbani (sacrifice) on Bakra Eid. According to Time of India report, the district administration issued an order forbidding sacrifice of animals for all three days of the festival in Sant Kabir Nagar. Justifying the orders, authorities are saying that they are implementing an eight-year-old order and allowing qurbani may lead to communal tension.Also Read - Dengue, Viral Fever Outbreak Wreaks Havoc Across India, Nearly 300 Patients Hospitalised in UP's Kanpur | Key Points

The Hindu residents of Sant Kabir Nagar are claiming that qurbani was never performed in the village while the Mulsims said that they were allowed to slaughter goats till 2007. “Earlier, they used to take their goats to Mehdupaar, a couple of kilometers away from the village for qurbani. But they tried to break the tradition in 2007 and all hell broke loose,” an 80-year-old native of the village from the Hindu community was quoted. (ALSO READ: Millions of Muslims throng Mount Arafat as Haj reaches climax) Also Read - UP Rains: 24 Dead in 3 Days as Walls, Houses Collapse Due to Heavy Rain in Uttar Pradesh

Authorities seem adamant on imposing the ban as Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) has been deployed in the village. According to the local police, all goats will be seized and returned three days after Eid ul-Azha on September 25. Uttar Pradesh already have bans on cow slaughter. It is only during the three days of Eid ul-Azha that the ban is enforced. Muslims are allowed to perform qurbani on the fourth day. Also Read - First Visuals of Ram Temple Site in Ayodhya Showcased, Check Latest PICS Here

The current move seems more political than religious as village Pradhan elections are round the corner. Controversial Bharatiya Janata Party MP Yogi Adityanath too has warned against any “new tradition” of sacrifice in the Hindu village.