New Delhi: Accusing the Prime Minister Narendra Modi of betraying the country’s national interests and its security, the Congress party on Friday alleged that there’s a Mahagathbandhan between him, Pakistan and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Amit Shah. Addressing a press conference, Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala demanded that both the PM and BJP chief apologise to the nation for inviting ISI to Pathankot air base.

The Congress leader also said Modi and his party should not draw political gains out of the valour and courage of armed forces who carried out surgical strikes on terror camps in Pakistan. He said it was due to their Mahagathbandhan that the Modi government invited the ISI to probe Pathankot terror attack even though the Pakistani intelligence agency was responsible for it.

Surjewala further alleged that the Pakistani delegation invited to probe the Pathankot attack also included members from ISI. “The prime minister should tell the nation on what basis was the ISI, responsible for Pathankot terror attack, was allowed to carry out a probe.

Claiming that the biggest proof of PM Modi and Amit Shah having links with ISI is the statement from former chief Assad Durrani that “Modi is ISI’s favourite choice as the prime minister of India”, Surjewala said, “Modi-Shah duo have a Mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) with Pakistan’s ISI.”

Stepping up its attack on Amit Shah for his “alliance with Pakistan”, Surjewala asked the BJP chief why a “character certificate of appreciation” was given to the ISI on March 30, 2016, in Kolkata by publicly claiming that “Pakistan has made serious efforts in the Pathankot terror probe”. He asked, “Shah should tell the nation why he praised Pakistan’s ISI if he did not have links with it.”

Congress’ attack has come a few days after Amit Shah alleged an international Mahagathbandhan between Rahul Gandhi and Pakistan since “they both want to remove PM Modi”. “Rahul Gandhi says ‘Modi Hatao’, Pakistan says ‘Modi Hatao’. Now Pakistan also supports Rahul Gandhi’s baseless allegations against PM Modi. Is Congress forming an International Mahagathbandhan against PM Modi?” the BJP chief tweeted.