Dehradun: Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Manoj Tiwari on Thursday said that Dassault CEO Eric Trappier’s statement on Rafel deal was a “slap” on the face of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Accusing the Congress President of lying on the Rafale, Tiwari further said that speaking “a lie, again and again, will not turn it into truth”. Also Read - Coronavirus: Total Positive Cases Climb to 1024, Death Toll Reaches 27, State Borders Sealed | Top Points

Speaking to the reporters in Dehradun, the party leader said, “The Congress president seems to believe that telling a lie again and again makes it a truth, but the Dassault CEO’s statement is a slap on his face.” Manoj Tiwari is in Dehradun to campaign for the BJP candidates ahead of the civic polls. Also Read - 'Stand Together With Govt But Sudden Lockdown Created Immense Panic', Rahul Gandhi Writes to PM

Defending the Rs 58,000 crore-Rafale deal between India and France, the Dassault CEO had claimed no wrong-doing and said his company chose Reliance as an offset partner as it was the best to deliver what they wanted in the deal. Also Read - ‘Shameful to Treat Indian Citizens Like This,’ Says Rahul Gandhi on Exodus of Migrants Due to Lockdown

“The choice of Reliance is mine. I had the choice of Reliance in 2011. We signed first MoU in 2012. We continue to have discussion with Reliance. We, when the contract was announced for 36 aircraft, continued to have agreement with them as Dassault policy is to set up facilities in India and I want to produce from scratch, a Falcon 2000 in India including the assembly line of the Falcon 2000, including the flight testing production flight in India,” Trappier had said in an interview with CNBC TV 18.

“For that, I need an air-field. How can I do an assembly line without an air-field? Bengaluru is very busy, it’s a very busy city, it’s a big city, but there is no land available. The same story in Mumbai, same story in New Delhi. I found that Nagpur is in the middle of India, where land is available and we can build new hangars, facilities and the manufacturing of Falcon parts, of Rafale parts including when the assembly line would be a very good idea for my company,” he added.

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