New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi yet again over the Rafale deal. Referring to PM Modi as “Mr 56”, the Congress President alleged that the former overruled the benchmark prices and increased them from 5.2 billion euros to 8.2 billion euros (which almost equals to Rs 22,743 crore).

The Congress President tweeted, “Another Rafale Skeleton! Mr. Modi personally increased the benchmark price of RAFALE jets by 3 Billion Euros (₹22,743Cr). The former Director of Finance, MOD, just said that he and the negotiating team were overruled by Mr 56.”

Referring to a media report in which ex-head of MoD finance Manu Pubby called the benchmark price of the fighter aircraft questionable, Gandhi launched a tirade stating that the PM himself had increased the price of the fighter jets.

Earlier in the day, Gandhi brought to light Centre’s admission to the Supreme Court that there was no “sovereign guarantee by the French government backing the deal”. Gandhi tweeted, “The latest skeleton to tumble out of the RAFALE cupboard: NO Guarantee by the French Govt. backing the deal. BUT, our PM says there’s a letter from the French promising to be faithful! That’s enough to call this a “Govt to Govt” deal?,” along with hashtag #BikGayaChowkidar.

On Wednesday, Gandhi had attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Reliance Group chairman Anil Ambani, saying that the day the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) begins its probe in the Rafale deal, two names will come out. Rahul alleged that the Prime Minister removed CBI chief Alok Verma at 2 AM for the same reasons.

While addressing a rally in Chhattisgarh’s Bhillai on November 14, the Congress President had said, “The day CBI probe begins in Rafale deal, two names will come out, Anil Ambani and Narendra Modi. That’s why Modi removed CBI chief at 2AM. The truth will come out eventually and the country will know that Modi gifted Ambani Rs 30,000 crore.”

Gandhi on an earlier occasion had alleged that the joint venture of “Mr 56’s friend” received “USD 20 billion actual benefits” through offset contracts in the deal. The Congress President had tweeted that he forgot to mention earlier about the offset contracts of USD 16 billion to the private entity’s joint venture, and said the actual benefit is of USD 20 billion, equivalent to Rs 1,30,000 crore.

“Dear Trolls, I apologise for my earlier tweet in which I stated Mr 56’s friend’s JV, received 4 Billion US$’s of ‘off set’ contracts. I forgot to add the 16 Billion US$ RAFALE ?lifecycle? contract. 20 BILLION US$, is the actual benefit. So Sorry!!,” Gandhi tweeted, using the hashtag “130000CroreRafaleScam”.

Congress has called the Rafale jet deal the biggest example of crony capitalism and has time and again alleged that the national interest was compromised with by helping a private entity to the tune of crores of rupees in violation of rules.