New Delhi: Not missing an opportunity to pull a fast one at Congress president, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday mocked Rahul Gandhi for postponing his press conference by three hours.


Congress president Rahul Gandhi was scheduled to address the media at 10:15AM at the party headquarters but it was postponed to 1PM, just minutes before the press meet was to begin.

Firefighting for his party president, All India Congress Committee secretary Pranav Jha tweeted, “Dear BJP, Shri Rahul Gandhi is not only up in the morning, he is also attending the Core Committee meeting since 9:15 AM . And if you are interested in knowing the committee could also be discussing how to prosecute the conniving chowkidars in the government.”

But it did not end there, in a sharp dig, the Congress party tweeted:

The Opposition has time and again questioned Prime Minister over not holding press conferences or giving lone interviews to select news channels.