After threatening an earth-shattering disclosure on demonetisation, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on December 14 threatened to expose the corruption of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi claimed he has information on the personal corruption of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi not only made serious allegations on PM Modi, but also put his own credibility at stake while criticising demonetisation. Rahul Gandhi also accused Modi-government of not allowing him to speak in Lok Sabha, saying an “earthquake will come” if he gets the opportunity to speak.

Since Rahul Gandhi’s ‘earthquake’ statement, media and general public have been speculating what evidence the Congress leader could have against Narendra Modi. Speaking at a public rally in Gujarat’s Mehsana, Rahul Gandhi once again made serious charges on PM Modi, alleging that he received kickbacks from Sahara and Birla groups during his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat. Hitting out at PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi said Modi got crores 9 times from Sahara in 6 months in 2013. Is this the earth-shattering proof of PM Modi’s corruption?

Rahul Gandhi was referring to income tax raids at Sahar and Birla offices in 2013, which allegedly recorded entries of pay-offs to politicians including then Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi. Documents seized from the offices  allegedly showed that Sahara Group and an Aditya Birla Group company made massive payments to prominent Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress politicians, including then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, in 2013-14 and 2012 respectively. If Rahul Gandhi thinks he made stunning revelation saying these things in public, the he is living in a fool’s paradise.

Rahul Gandhi should know that all these information are already in public domain and he or his party haven’t shared any concrete evidence about PM Modi’s corruption. Moreover, the Supreme Court had declined to order an inquiry into the matter while hearing the plea of NGO ‘Common Cause’. The apex court refused to order an inquiry saying documents provided by the NGO were neither authentic nor credible enough for an inquiry to be launched into the veracity of the entries on payments allegedly made to various politicians.

If Rahul Gandhi thinks that the mention of these alleged pay-offs to Narendra Modi will bring earthquake, then he is extremely wrong. Rahul Gandhi should know his charges on PM Narendra Modi have been dismissed by the Supreme Court. Rahul Gandhi  has let down those who believed that quack will come when he will speak on PM Modi’s corruption. The Gandhi scion should now stop making allegation and start sharing proofs (if really has) about PM Modi’s corruption.