Raipur, May 17: Congress President Rahul Gandhi while addressing the people at the Jan Swaraj Sammelan in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur today said that the current state of Indian Judiciary was like that of Pakistan. He made this statement with reference to the Supreme Court’s Judges’ press conference and added that such things do not take place in a democracy. Saying this, Gandhi spoke how SC judges had claimed that they were not being allowed to function independently and properly. He said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was creating fear in the environment of the country. After suffering major defeat in Karnataka, the Congress supremo alleged that BJP was disrupting the country’s atmosphere. He added that the Rashtriya Swayam Sangh (RSS) had captured almost all the independent institutions of the country.Also Read - Sonu Sood Once Praised by BJP, Now Considered Tax Evader: Shiv Sena on IT Raids at Actor's Properties

Reflecting on the partial outcome of the Karnataka Election Results 2018, Gandhi said that BJP’s win and the verdict in the recent southern elections was a death of democracy. He further went on to criticize the saffron party and alleged that the way BJP functioned, no one else could. It waived off the debts of the rich people and even gave away the coountry’s wealth to the privileged lot while leaving the rest of the country to suffer. They don’t want Dalits, backward classes and women to fulfill their dreams. Gandhi said that the BJP does not think highly of a woman and that women were not capable of standing together with men. He said that BJP believed that the only job of women, was to cook at home and the main job of the Dalits was to clean and sweep and not dream of a better future. Also Read - PM Modi's Birthday: BJP Workers Cut 71-Feet-Long Syringe-Shaped Cake in Bhopal

He went on to add that BJP leaders were afraid of PM Modi and they are unable to say anything before him. He added that the constitution was being attacked as it has now become a battle of the governor with the MLAs. JD(S) even said that its MLAs were offered Rs 100 crore each. Also Read - 24 Brand New Ministers Sworn-in, Taking Bhupendra Patel-Led Gujarat Government's Strength to 25

Rahul Gandhi said that BJP candidate Yeddurappa taking oath as the state’s CM and the BJP claiming to form a government in the state is a mockery of the constitution.