Kochi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi, on the last leg of his two-day trip to the rain and flood-battered Kerala, addressed the media on Wednesday. While beginning with how he wasn’t there to play politics, Gandhi couldn’t help attacking the Centre and the RSS by saying, “There are two different visions of India, one is a centralized vision and the other is a decentralized vision. One respects only one ideology, based out of Nagpur and the other respects all different ideas, cultures, different people in this country. That fight is on,” he said. It must be noted that the RSS headquarters are in Nagpur. Also Read - Centre Faces Tough Question as Pressure Mounts to Impose Full Lockdown in India to Beat COVID Surge

On being asked if the crisis was man-made, Gandhi chose to skirt the issue and said, “I have come here as a support and not to politicize the situation. I will not comment on the nature of this crisis.” He also remained critical of the quantum of relief given by the Centre. Gandhi said, “I have visited a large no. of camps yesterday and people are worried. I spoke to Kerela CM too. It is important that the Government gives a sense to the people that it is going to help re-build the houses. The compensation promised should be delivered quickly.” He also added that the amount given to the state was disappointing. “The extent of support that the Central Government has given should be more. This is owed to the people of Kerala. It is their right. I am sad that Central Government has not given as much aid as they should,” he added.

Lately, Gandhi has been attacking the RSS often. Only yesterday, he had attacked the Centre over the arrest of prominent activists for suspected Maoist links. He had said the “new India” had place for only one NGO, the RSS.  “There is only place for one NGO in India and it’s called the RSS. Shut down all other NGOs. Jail all activists and shoot those that complain. Welcome to the new India,” Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet.