Karnataka, December 17: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today addressed a public rally in Belgaum, Karnataka. Taking the opportunity, Gandhi hit out at the Union Government for recently introduced policies such as demonetisation. Also Read - After 'Baba Ka Dhaba', Help Pours in For Elderly Man Who Sells Plants on The Roadside in Bengaluru

After bearing a lot of flak for purposefully disrupting the Winter Session of the Parliament, the Congress party justified its stance by saying that they were not allowed to debate demonetisation in either house. Further, the disruptions led Rahul Gandhi and a team of other senior Congress leaders to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi just yesterday to discuss the issue of loan waivers to farmers in the country. Also Read - Karnataka: Tiger Vikram, Star Attraction of Pilikula Zoo, Dies of Old Age

Despite the meeting, Gandhi today launched an offensive strike against the Prime Minister. He also indicated that certain people close to and within the party were made aware of the move in advance. Here are 10 things that the Congress Vice President said: Also Read - Riding Without Helmet in Karnataka to Now Cost Three-Month Suspension of Driving Licence | All You Need to Know

  1. Slamming demonetisation, Rahul Gandhi called demonetisation a ‘Modi-made disaster’. He said,”Just like there is a term in English called ‘man-made disaster’, similarly, demonetisation is a Modi-made disaster.”
  2. After meeting Narendra Modi yesterday on the issue of loan waivers for farmers, Gandhi to claimed that Modi had made fun of farmers in the Parliament. He said, “In the Parliament house, Modi ji made fun of farmers. Said they dig holes. He made fun of MNREGA, said it is the backbone of farmers.”
  3. Congress Vice President said,”I want to ask the Prime Minister, Mallya is a thief of India, why did you give him a Rs 1200 crore toffee? Why did ou forgive his loans?”
  4. Gandhi says that his fight is for the poor. Promises to throw off the  ‘suit boot  government’ from Delhi.
  5. Gandhi also said that Prime Minister  Narendra Modi is responsible for unemployment in the country. He added,”The nation’s economy has been pushed back due to this demonetisation move.”
  6. Questioning the secrecy before the launch of demonetisation, Gandhi proclaimed that BJP leaders knew about note ban decision beforehand. He said,” Bihar BJP unit buys land before demonetisation decision. Odisha BJP unit buys land before the decision.”
  7. He said,”Modiji talks about cashless economy but has forgotten about terrorism.”
  8. The Congress leader made t clear that the Prime Minister was working not on the interests of the poor but of the rich. He said,”Prime Minister Modi working for the rich, benefiting 50 families.Mallya s a thief, why did PM Narendra Modi excuse his Rs 1200 crore loan.”
  9. Slamming the government’s promise that the post-demonetisation hardhips will only last for fifty days, Gandhi said,”Nothing will happen in 50 days, people’s money will remain in the banks for the next few months and I can give that in writing.”
  10. Gandhi explained the meaning of cashless payments to the public at Belgaum. He said that though cash was not exchanged, a percentage of the payment was going in the hands of the rich every time a payment was made.