Karwar (Karnataka): Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hegde attacked Congress President Rahul Gandhi and called him a ‘hybrid specimen’. Stating that such sample could only be found in the Congress laboratory, Hegde further said that it is here only that father and son are of two different types.

Hitting out at Gandhi scion, Hegde said that Rahul does not know this country and had no clue about religion. Mocking his lineage, the Union Minister questioned how could the son of a Muslim man and Christian woman be a Brahmin. He said, “He has no clue about religion. Look how they lie. A father who is a Muslim, a mother who is a Christian and the son is supposed to be a Brahmin. How is that even possible?”

A few days back, Hegde had made a controversial remark saying ‘if a Hindu girl is touched by any hand, then that hand should not exist.’ He had said, “We have to rethink about priorities of our society. We shouldn’t think of caste.”

Following his remark, Karnakata Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) chief Dinesh Gundu Rao had asked him on Twitter as to what his achievements were for becoming a Union Minister or even an MP. “All I can say for sure, it’s deplorable that such people have become ministers & have managed to get elected as MPs.”

This led to a war of words between the two leaders as Hegde responded saying, “I shall definitely answer this guy @dineshgrao’s queries, before which could he please reveal himself as to who he is along with his achievements?  I only know him as a guy who ran behind a Muslim lady.” For the unversed, Gundu Rao’s wife is a Muslim.

The Union Skill Development Minister had courted controversy on an earlier occasion by claiming that intellectuals did not understand the meaning of ‘antar atma’. He had said that for such people (intellectuals) there was no difference between a living human and a dead body.