New Delhi, Feb 8: Rahul Gandhi appears to be in no mood to let the controversy surrounding the Rafale jet deal die down. Continuing his relentless attack on the Modi government, the Congress president on Thursday said that PM Modi’s silence over the issue points out that there is something amiss.Also Read - Dearness Allowance Hike to 31 Per Cent For Central Govt Employees Effective From This Date

Talking to reporters outside Parliament, Rahul Gandhi questioned why neither the PM nor the defence minister was responding to queries posed to them concerning the fighter jet deal with France. “Ye saaf hai ke maamle mein gadbadi hui hai (It is evident that there is something amiss in the deal),” he said. Also Read - Breaking News Highlights: PM Modi An Incarnation of Almighty, Says UP Minister Upendra Tiwari

“Asked PM three questions – cost of jets, if they asked cabinet committee on security about it and why was contract snatched from HAL and given to a businessman? But got no answers. Did you see the PM yesterday? He gave a long speech but wasn’t interested in answering fundamental questions,” Rahul Gandhi said. (Also Read:  Rafale Deal: Congress Sniffs a Scam And Here’s The Reason Behind it) Also Read - Breaking News Highlights: Modi Govt has a Zero Tolerance Policy Against Terrorism, Says Amit Shah

“Defence minister herself said that cost of Rafale jest will be revealed but now she is saying it is a state secret and cannot be disclosed…so, which one of her statements is correct?” the Congress leader asked.

Reacting to PM Modi’s speech in Lok Sabha on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi had accused the PM of protecting those behind alleged corruption in the Rafale deal and said he needs to answer the country on questions posed to him on it and on farmers and jobs instead of making allegations in Parliament.

Describing the prime minister’s speech as a “political and campaign” speech, Rahul Gandhi said Modi seems to have forgotten that he is the prime minister and not an opposition leader.

Alleging that something wrong has happened in the Rafale jet deal with France, the Congress chief noted that the country has to understand that the prime minister talked about corruption and had said he will launch an attack on it. (Also Read: Congress Alleges Scam in Rafale Deal, Demands Disclosure of Details)

“But in the Rafale deal, there has been corruption and the prime minister is protecting those who have done corruption,” Rahul Gandhi had alleged without elaborating.