Janjgir–Champa (Chhattisgarh), June 16: Rahul Gandhi today mocked the Narendra Modi-government at a padyatra held for tribals in Janjgir–Champa Chhattisgarh. Addressing the tribals the Congress vice president said, “I met tribal people and farmers, asked them, that your land and jungles have been taken away, have you seen any development.” (READ: Rahul Gandhi ‘s 10-km foot march in Chhattisgarh’s Janjgir Champa)

Rahul Gandhi said grabbing land from the poor in the name of country’s development does not lead to progress of the nation. Rahul also said that the money from these developments never reaches the real owners of the land, it is also the higher authorities who are benefited from it. Further adding he said, “We won’t allow these developments which equal to grabbing from the poor.”

Taking a jig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Gandhi scion said, “Just wearing suit worth Rs 15 lakh won’t let him understand if the farmers and poor are actually benefited from the MNREGA scheme or not.” He also mocked at the PM saying, “But he is never in the country to know the people’s problems. He is always on his tour to America, Australia, etc. Now that he has been elected there he would not come to visit people anymore. You will see him only during the next election after five years.”